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Media Say 'Vote With Head, Not Heart' In Calder Valley

Tactical Voting In Key Marginals Such As Calder Valley

As election fever grips the country and the polls begin to narrow, some national newspapers have recommended tactical voting in key marginal constituencies such as the Calder Valley, urging people to vote with their heads instead of their hearts on the 6th May.

With The Guardian having endorsed the Liberal Democrats with a caveat for voters in tight Labour/Conservative marginals, The Observer reiterated the message on Sunday with guidance on how voters might cast their ballots tactically to get the outcome they want, whether to ensure the candidate they wish to win does win, or to keep someone they don’t want to win from winning.

Traditionally supportive of the Labour Party, The Daily Mirror has today published a guide to tactical voting in the election which includes the Calder Valley constituency, and implores readers to vote in whichever way helps to avoid a Conservative majority.

In the Calder Valley, Labour won the preceding 2005 General Election with a majority over the Conservatives of only 1,367, the Liberal Democrats trailing far behind on less than half the number of winning votes. Many opinion polls and bookmakers such as William Hill, again have the Lib-Dem’s placed third for the 2010 General Election on the 6th May.


Observer: How to vote tactically

Daily Mirror’s Tactical Voting Guide

BBC Guide To The Calder Valley Constituency

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